The Girl Who Lived (1)

I saw the picture for this week’s Picture It & Write challenge and before I knew it, I had a new serial on my hands. Since I’m about to move again, this is a good thing – it means I know what I’ll post over the next few days.

Hope you enjoy the story.

(c) Kaeros-Stock

Part I: The Hermit

The metal steps are vibrating underneath my pounding feet. I’m going to bang on the hermit’s door in a second, so there’s no point in being quiet. It’s counterintuitive, going up a metal staircase, but it’s better than making it in the plains. The rumble of faraway thunder makes me climb faster.

I’ve survived an electrical storm before, but I’m not in the mood for fate-tempting. If he doesn’t let me in, I’ll find out if I’ll survive another.

Bang, bang, bang. The static that means lightning is about to strike fills the air.

Please, let him open the door.