The Girl Who Lived (3)

Part III: Impossible

He turns away. It’s my turn for incredulity when he lights a lamp.

‘You have kerosene.’

The flock have run out of fuel ages ago.

‘Good to see you’ve a firm grasp on the obvious. Come closer.’


‘Need to take a proper look.’


‘Just come here, will you?’

I step into the circle of light the oil lamp is casting.

‘Impossible,’ he says.

‘What is?’


He snatches the lamp and walks away.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Wait and see,’ he grumbles from far down the room.

‘How big is this place?’

My words echo after him unanswered.


I’m moving this weekend, so it may take a while until I get round to answering comments. The posts are scheduled, though, so the story will continue.

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