The Girl Who Lived (4)

Part IV: Trailers, Tents and Castles

The storm’s in full swing. With every flash of lightning, I marvel at the room. For me, who grew up in trailers and tents (only during dry season, obviously – nobody’d survive a storm like this in a tent), it looks like a fairy tale castle. I’m not supposed to know about fairy tales. But I don’t see what damage they’d cause, when all my people do is read stories in an old book of prophets and kings. I’m tired of their rules, and I’m sick of being treated like a sign from above just because I survived a storm once.

3 thoughts on “The Girl Who Lived (4)

  1. You’re creating a whole world and its mythology – and in just four hundred odd words so far! It’s so intriguing, being drip-fed a story this way – can’t wait for the next instalment.
    Good luck with the move 🙂


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