The Girl Who Lived (8)

I’ve used this week’s FFfAW photo prompt (which happens to be one of mine) for the ongoing serial. It might not stand alone, so you’ve been warned.

Please note that I’m visiting family and won’t have as much time as usual to read everyone’s stories and to reply to comments. I’ll try, though.

fish, London Zoo

Part VIII: Fishies

The hermit stares into the distance. I’m annoyed, but for some reason I follow his eyes and catch a flash of purple. The longer I look, the more colour I see.

‘What’s that?’

He startles, as if he’s forgotten I’m here.

‘Oh, the aquarium.’

I walk towards it.

‘Fish. My fishies.’

Until a few seconds ago, I’d have sworn I’ve never seen an aquarium in my life.

‘You remember.’

I touch the glass tank. The fish hide behind the coral. I’m not supposed to bang on the glass or Daddy will have to tell me off.

‘Are you my father?’