The Girl Who Lived (9)

Part IX: Happy Family

‘Mel never said I was. She never said I wasn’t, either.’

‘You kept my fish alive. And I look like you. You must be.’

‘Come with me.’

I’m reluctant to tear myself away from the fish. Seems to me there are memories swimming in their tank and if I wait long enough, they’ll float to the top. But he’s gone to to take something out of a drawer. I follow the halo of the lamp. It’s a photograph.

It’s my mother, me and him.

‘You, Mel and her husband Tim. A week before you left.’

‘You are twins?’

‘We were.’


7 thoughts on “The Girl Who Lived (9)

        1. Well, sort of. I have most of this one written, but when I edit the instalments, I get more ideas. The question of who her father really is occurred to me a couple of days ago and I decided to run with it 🙂

          Move went okay. I’m away for my brother’s wedding at the mo, though, so the settling in will have to wait…

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