The Girl Who Lived (19)

Part XIX: Ugly Truth

Silence. For so long I can hear a clock ticking. Outside, static’s crackling again. Getting no sleep last night is beginning to take its toll. I curl up on the sofa and wait for him to speak.

‘Because of you and me.’ Pause. ‘He didn’t want you to grow up asking questions.’

I’m wide awake again.

‘I was looking for a lie, but there were too many lies in this family then. I’d rather not continue the family tradition.’

A longer pause.

‘Let’s make a new one, then,’ I say. ‘We tell each other the truth, even if it’s ugly.’

7 thoughts on “The Girl Who Lived (19)

  1. I was away all last week, Sonia, so I’ve just been playing catch-up with your story. I’m really enjoying it, and reading so many, one after the other, was really good. I’m waiting to hear ‘the truth’ now!

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      1. I think it’s an excellent story, and want to read the rest. You’ve done a good job of keeping the suspense going. 🙂
        You’ve been away a while now, so I hope you’re having a good rest. I was away all last wek in Wales, so I missed lots of people’s posts, too. I couldn’t begin to catch up with all of them so I’ll just pick up on most this week.
        Enjoy the reast of your hol! 🙂

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  2. I just read your story, it gripped me. Wonderful read! A disadvantage is that it took an effort to find the beginning but it obviously didn’t stop me. Can’t wait to read more.

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