Aside: Sorry

I’m being let down by (still) non-existent broadband.

But there’s good news and I’m one of the editors of The Write-In for National Flash Fiction Day, so get flashing and send us your stories!


10 thoughts on “Aside: Sorry

  1. Hm, I am also without internet. But you are still going strong, so I guess I have to step it up. Heh. Will I have time for National Flash Fiction Day tomorrow?! Time will decide. (Also, I’ve been enjoying The Girl Who Lived and the hooks it has in me. While I had internet I looked forward to seeing each piece every day. I have fallen behind, however…)

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      1. I’m attempting! Seeing as I got back not too long ago, I might be a bit late with this, but looking at this, what do I do about the author name? I’m not too comfortable with using my real name, so can I use a pseudonym? (is that the word?)

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      1. If fear I don’t have anything to send and today is full of family stuff, so no chance to pop along to NFFD stuff. I hope you have a great day – do you get to judge stories through today? Lots of wine and nibbles I hope 🙂

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        1. I’m doing my editing stint right now, so by the time I’ll leave for the workshop, someone else will have taken over. Though I might check in in between and help out. I love NFFD, they were the first ones to give me a print publication, so I love helping in any way I can and I’m looking forward to today.

          Enjoy your family stuff 🙂

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