The Girl Who Lived (26)

Okay, this instalment is 178 words long. I apologise. But it’s time to wrap it up, new month tomorrow and all…

Part XXVI: All Grown Up

Tom and Ginny. I can totally see them together. He must be lonely. I know Ginny is, she almost said it to me once – underneath all the preaching, she’s only human. They’ll have obstacles to overcome, but they have two things in common now. I bet they can make it three or more – I’d like a handful of siblings.

‘I think you’ll like Ginny.’

We have breakfast. He tells me I’m spoiling my coffee by putting lots of milk in it.

‘Rebellion,’ I reply. ‘Part of growing up, I hear.’

He smiles. It already feels as if we did this every morning.

I ran away from my people to find out who I am. I still don’t know, but I’ve got closer. If I’m honest, though, I won’t find all the answers here. I’m as much a product of the research facility as I am of the Sheep Flockers’ camp. Once they are here, I’ll find myself. Together, we might even find a way to stay alive.

Tom’s looking at me. I take a deep breath.

‘Let’s go.’

The End