Political Ploy

I wonder if politicians know something they’re keeping from us. Are global temperatures set to rise by five degrees over the next decade to fry us all? Or is an asteroid coming that will wipe out mankind? Is all that political theatre, are the signs of ineptitude ploys to keep us distracted from the truth?

How else does one explain the mess with the fountain? What a waste of tax payers’ money. There’s a draught. No water is to be used unless critical – the flowers in my garden are dead. So what do we need a new public fountain for?

6 thoughts on “Political Ploy

      1. Yeah, sorry. I try not to moan, but I’m freckly, gingery and prone to heat rash – so 30 degrees is not great for me 🙂 Mind you, I don’t like the grey, coldness of winter either – just call me impossible to please


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