Dependence Day

Ten years ago, I watched men eat more hot dogs than they ought to eat and rode a wooden roller coaster on Coney Island. Later, I went to watch the fireworks on the East River.

I celebrated independence day, but not like everyone around me. I was free to do what I want – I went to NYC to prove it.

Today, I forgot what date it was. I spent the day on the beach, but on the other side of the Atlantic, running after three small children.

If there are fireworks anywhere tonight, I hope they won’t wake me up.

5 thoughts on “Dependence Day

      1. Ah, sunny Weston. Can’t count how many times we’ve sat on that beach, searching for the sea! We can catch a train from the bottom of our road and be there in half an hour – many happy sandcastly times have been had there.
        Impressed by Coney Island visit – it’s such an iconic place. Was it great, or a bit of a let down?

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        1. Coney Island was brilliant. That whole NYC stay was. I wanted to move there at the time, which is why this blog’s address has an NYC in it 😀

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          1. Wow, that impressed, eh? It’s a place that’s never really drawn me – if I want traffic, pollution and the threat of imminent violence, I’ll walk into Brizzle city centre on a Saturday night. Though, of course we don’t have the Empire State – though we do have a really big Primark- will that do?


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