Aside: Broadbandless

We moved five weeks ago and there’s still no broadband in the new place. BT Openreach is being utter rubbish… My unlimited mobile data plan isn’t much use, either, because this building is a superb mobile signal killer.

Why do I tell you this? Because all this means I am not reading any of the blogs I enjoy – I haven’t abandoned you, I’ll be back. Once I have a useable Internet connection.

Inside Looking Out

I’m trapped in a frigid meeting room with one window no bigger than a porthole – Heaven forbid anyone got distracted by the real world. We must concentrate on page views. They’ve dropped again! We’re in a state of emergency! Sara from Sales is lecturing us on the knock-on effect of page view slumps as if we’ve never heard it before.

When I wished I’d grow up to be a writer, I had something else in mind.

All I see is blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds. There’s the slump explained.

If only we paid attention to the real world.

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