Redrum Coffee

This is for MFtS – had to jump in, I loved the picture and the opening line. But as I mentioned yesterday, I won’t be able to read many of the other stories due to the lack of broadband – so dear fellow Finish the Story writers, I apologise for (probably) not commenting on your work this week.


The barista shook his head. The hedge couldn’t have moved closer over night. Could it?

All day, the sense the hedge people were creeping up on him grew stronger. He’d swear the cheeky bastards winked at him at one point. He didn’t dare go away for lunch in case he’d miss them making a big move.

What is this, The Shining?

The barista shuddered as the pieces fell into place: an isolated hotel in the mountains, owned and run by the Loverook Corporation; a manicured hedge shaped like a bunch of Keith Haring people; the Redrum Coffee and Cocktail Bar.

He didn’t take off his apron. He ran for his car, followed by rustling steps.

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  1. “…followed by rustling footsteps…” Creepy! Well done! Thank you Sonya for another brilliant addition to the MFtS challenge. Be well…


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