Futures Past

Francie peels off the plastic gloves, washes the fat that finds its way into them off her hands and changes into a t-shirt that doesn’t mark her as a burger flipper. This routine takes five minutes out of her thirty-minute break. Instead of eating the lunch provided, she goes to the deli around the corner.

As a child, she dreamt she’d run a place like this one day – flipping burgers was supposed to be temporary.

The owner greets her with a real smile.

If she didn’t reek of frying oil, Francie’d ask if she could wipe tables for her.

8 thoughts on “Futures Past

  1. I hope she doesn’t give up her dream! She should definitely ask at the deli whether they have any jobs going – though maybe she should have a shower first! Good story. 🙂

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  2. At least she’s taken the first step towards fulfilling her dream. The experience of flipping burgers in a cheap place is necessary to understand the workings of a business, no matter how simple. If she plays her cards right, and keeps her eyes open for job vacancies, she might land herself a job at the deli one day. Good story, Sonya. 🙂

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  3. You’ve encapsulated how many of us feel – that urge, that burning to do something others think you’re not ready for, to break out of the place you’ve been put. That’s me – florist, dreaming of being a writer. A great story – very true

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    1. And thank you again 🙂
      I’ve spent too many years of my life dreaming to be a fiction writer instead of just going for it, so it’s something I keep coming back to.

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      1. Amen to that.
        I loved writing when I was a kid/teen but convinced myself it was what other people did – never me. Surely I didn’t have the brain, the imagination? I was only fit to work behind the counter in a shop. Well, maybe. And maybe not – I’m gonna have a bloody good go at changing my luck though 🙂
        I love your writing and wish you every success because you do deserve it.


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