Memory or Fabrication

The sight of the big top reminds me of that day when Dad took my cousin Susie and me to the circus. We buzzed with excitement as we climbed into our seats in the front row.

Dad had bought us each a bag of crisps. Susie finished hers in five minutes, I treasured mine, eating a few crisps in between acts. Despite clutching the bag as if it contained jewels, I couldn’t hold on to it when an elephant grabbed it.

That’s how I came to hate the circus. I think.

Where do the boundaries lie between memory and fiction?

7 thoughts on “Memory or Fabrication

  1. Great story – hoarding crisps like treasure, fantastic! Loved that contrast between the narrator and the cousin – shows the characters really well. That was me and my brother when I was young – I was the hoarder 🙂

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    1. Me, too. I made my Easter chocolate eggs last a month and spent most of it fighting off my brother and sister who’d eaten theirs by noon on Easter Monday.
      Thank you 🙂

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      1. Ha! Hoarders of the world unite! I admit to having a certain satisfaction when my brother stared longingly at my sweets. My son’s the same. Wonder what it says about us? 🙂


  2. I bet that elephant had been eyeing up that packet of treasured crisps for a while before he grabbed it! Must have been very tempting for him. I used to adore crisps as a child and savoured every nibble. Well told story, Sonya. 🙂

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