Good Girl Days

The doll’s eyes judge me. Whenever I see a customer out – I refer to them as gentlemen callers but it’s a euphemism, most aren’t at all gentle – it shakes its head in disapproval. It mimics the expression on Grandpa’s face when he came to pick me up from the A&E and found me wearing provocative nothing and slutty make-up.

He gave me the doll for being such a good girl while Mum was dying of cancer. I was too old for it even then.

I should bin it. But I need a reminder of my good girl days.

9 thoughts on “Good Girl Days

  1. Pretty bleak, but a good reminder. When you see someone on the street, living a hard or bad life – they didn’t always start out that way. Nicely done

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  2. Love this. It conveys the layers of complexity that can exist beneath the overly simple labels we place on people places and things, to get us through a typical “information overload” day.


  3. I love your take on the prompt, you’ve really made the doll something special.


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