Better Hobby

(c) moi, 2014
(c) moi, 2014

When Chris declared an interest in making ice sculptures, Martine offered the garage. After a few days Alex claimed the light in the garage was useless and moved to the attic. While the light proved satisfactory, it got too hot up there.

‘I need to work in the kitchen. Ideal lighting conditions, close to the big freezer.’

Martine considered clearing some space when Chris hauled down a chainsaw.

‘Where did that come from?’

‘Ebay. Right steal, too.’

‘Honey, I don’t want you wielding that.’

‘You wanted me to choose a better hobby, Mum. Your call: make-up or ice sculptures.’


It’s my photo on FFfAW this week and I love all the stories that have been inspired by it.

4 thoughts on “Better Hobby

  1. Surely, the lad can do both! Ah, the joy – wanting to encourage the little darlings to express themselves, whilst simultaneously being filled with dread at the amount of money it’s going to cost you and the extent to which it’s going to wreck your house. 🙂
    Great story with a great punchline

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      1. It’s a great image and made me smile at the mum’s tolerance of a potentially house-wrecking hobby over the wearing of a little eyeliner. I really think some parents would prefer it!


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