Selling in Times Like These

Looking out the back door, I marvel at the trail of destruction left by the meteors. One clipped the bottom left corner of the garden – looks like the blackberry bush’s been singed. But given the state of the rest of the neighbourhood, I shouldn’t complain, should I? I have, however, identified a downside.

‘It’s not going to drive up the price, I’m afraid,’ I say to the beloved.

‘Well,’ he replies. ‘If we spin this right, it might actually go up. I mean, meteor strike-proof properties should be in high demand in times like these.’

Now that he mentions it.

6 thoughts on “Selling in Times Like These

  1. I like the very nonchalant manner of a meteor shower in the neighbourhood, raised a smile, Very typical of many to immediately think of making a profit out of anything these days.

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