Petroglyphs and Aliens

The petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event.

I came to this talk because of the speaker’s reputation as one of the world’s leading alien invasion experts. I meant to run some of my own theories by him. This petroglyph nonsense, however, is making me angry – I’d better sneak out before I heckle him.

Since I brought documentation for my hypotheses, I’m disrupting the audience more than I’d like. The speaker halts.

‘Anyone else?’ he asks. About a dozen others get up, encumbered with big files like me.

Just as the door closes, I see the next slide: ancient aliens. But the bouncer won’t let me in again.


This is my story for MFtS, a flash fiction challenge that comes with a first sentence to go with the picture prompt.

17 thoughts on “Petroglyphs and Aliens

  1. Wow! Are you telepathic? You posted this just after I heard a report on the news about a billionaire who’s funding research into alien life forms – and even Stephen Hawking has given them his backing. Spooky.
    Love the idea of the ancient alien pictures – reminds me of Chariots of the Gods, a book where the author put forward the suggestion that some ancient Aztec carvings showed their figures riding spacecraft. It’s all true – watch the skies! X

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