The Perfect Crime

DCI Shannon Malone is listening to the recording of the call again. It came from the victim’s phone, they found only the victim’s prints on it. The prints in the entire bloody workshop belong to the victim.

The voice gives Malone the creeps. It’s inhuman – like those robots they make you talk to when you call a helpline.

Jim from Forensics interrupts her.

‘You have the results?’

The handwriting on the note – Messed with the wrong girl – found next to the mutilated body is their best hope.

‘It’s the victims, Shan.’

Their only clue: The perp seems to be female.

13 thoughts on “The Perfect Crime

  1. Oh, man – what are you doing to me? That’s the creepiest thing. Where on earth does DCI Malone go from here? Although brief, very atmospheric stuff, Sonya. Great 🙂

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        1. Don’t encourage me. I know nothing about police work, that would require sooo much research… I’ve already wondered what’s going on with Malone and Jim from Forensics, what other cases they may have solved, though. So you may get your wish 🙂

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          1. Ah, go on – they’re great characters. After speaking to a friend about her childhood (which she spent around artists and digy art dealers during the seventies) I’m really drawn to writing a story set in that world. I know nothing about it – it would mean a ton of research … I feel your pain 🙂

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          2. I suppose I’d have to start with reading Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime by Val McDermid. Been meaning to read it since it was Book of the Week… And maybe with finding a friend in the police force, too.

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          3. I read in the Writing Magazine about websites where you can submit queries that will then be answered by a ex officers. Might be a subscription charge, though.

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