All This Water (Literary Lion)

‘Tom, look. Clean, d’you think?’

‘Dunno. If it isn’t, we’ll purify it.’

‘I wanna go swimming. I’m so grimy the rats wrinkle their noses at me.’

‘Well, if it’s contaminated, you can’t swim. If it isn’t and you go in, it will be.’

‘Oi! It’s not that bad.’

‘I’m sorry, Lana, but you are grimy.’

‘You, too.’

‘Yeah, but am I complaining? All I want is drink until my blood turns to water. But…’

‘But what?’

‘Well, here’s all this water and nobody to use it.’


‘I hate you.’

‘Hate me, then. Better than watch you catch something lethal.’


Written for this week’s Literary Lion prompt: water.

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