Coward That I Am

(c) Jordan McQueen

‘Spectacular, innit?’

She grins, then winces, touches her lip.

I suppose it is spectacular. I’m distracted by the purply-blue clouds – same shade as the bruises on her face. If I mentioned it, she’d laugh, tell me the other guy’s worse. Not that I need telling, I watched her go so berserk I pitied him even though he’d been about to do the same to me.

So I say nothing.

Like those clouds, the bruises threaten to ruin the beauty on display but somehow, they intensify it.

I tell myself I don’t try to kiss her because of her sore lip.


First published on Visual Verse (Vol. 02 – Chapter 09).


5 thoughts on “Coward That I Am

      1. I reckon she bites … Part of me’s always wanted to be able to kick ass, though. Being female a night in a city makes you feel vulnerable, makes you check every dark alleyway … I’d love to feel confident enough in my own strength, my own ability to protect myself to not worry

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        1. I used to do Hap Ki Do (Korea’s answer to kung fu) and while I was never able to walk into a roomful of hostile people and take them out, I knew how to defend myself. I still know a few tricks, but it’s not the same…

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          1. I’m impressed – you’re much scarier than I thought 🙂 I can salsa a bit – think I can turn that into some kind of martial art? Mambo – kick! Back Salsa – neck-chop!


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