DCI Malone on the Case

The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.

DCI Malone looks up from the statement. It’s gone past eight, no wonder she finds it difficult to concentrate. That and the witness being a pompous ass.

She needs food. And a drink.

When she walks into the Lion, Jim’s at the bar, downing a large whisky. He jumps when she throws herself onto the barstool next to him.

‘Bad day?’

Jim frowns.

‘Jonno, the usual and another one of those for Mr. Sunshine.’

Funny how she’s never noticed that Jim always smiles when they meet. Something’s up and she’s going to get on the case.

It’s a welcome distraction.


On Lynn’s request, DCI Shannon Malone is making a comeback for this week’s MFtS (and it’s completely unrelated to her previous appearance). Find out what other writers did with the picture and the opening sentence here.

16 thoughts on “DCI Malone on the Case

  1. Haha! Do you know, when I saw the title, I clicked on the post double quick to see what she was up to. and you didn’t disappoint me. Nightshade? Nasty. And wonderfully medieval, too. Another great outing for Malone. When will she get her own novel? She’s a wonderful gal.

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      1. Have you got any agents lined up yet? Or anywhere to submit to in mind?
        I’m still working on that submission for Hodder you put me onto – Thank you again! – jigging the synopsis, worried over whether I should send a very tidy first 3 chapters or a slightly less tidy 15,000 words … Better get me backside into gear 🙂

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        1. Oh, Scarlett is going to go to Hodder, too. She needs a bit of work still, and I am already dreading writing the synopsis… So it’s backside, gear here, too 😀

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          1. Oh, that’s brilliant! Very best of luck with it.
            Noticed they’re quite generous with the synopsis. I did have one that was a couple of pages double spaced but noticed in the comments on the site, they’re happy for the synopsis to be single spaced – as long as the novel extract is double.
            A synopsis is harder than writing four, five, six chapters – definitely. Sent mine to a writer friend for her perusal, so we’ll see what she thinks.
            Very best of luck – will kepp my fingers crossed for you.


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