Once Crossed

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We are not the sort to make trouble. We like our quiet, we believe breaking the law must have consequences.

Our hand’s been forced.

Hardship is nothing new to us, and we would have adjusted to the earthquakes in time. However, there’s a line, which, once it’s been crossed, can never be uncrossed. Our wells – we’re nothing without them. We take pride in working to support ourselves but with the wells contaminated, we’re facing withering crops and dying livestock.

All we have is axes, pitch forks, tools. What we lack in equipment, we make up in fury.

Tonight, we strike.


Doesn’t make sense? You’re right. But it’s been one of those days when nothing I write makes sense, so there you go.

12 thoughts on “Once Crossed

  1. Oddly enough, it does make sense. I get this desperately cannibalistic (Donner Party) vibe from it, or maybe a village in need of resources pillaging another village. I like it.

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    1. Well, that’ll teach me to underestimate my readers… Thank you, Nortina – I like the Donner Party association, even though that wasn’t what I had in mind.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Obviously, I was wrong to underestimate my readers.

      btw, have I told you I love the name of your blog? It’s ace 🙂

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  2. It makes sense. 🙂

    And the great thing is, it allows the reader to fill in the gaps. This could be a group of farmers and miners fighting back against the cruel elite, or a band of underground gnomes invading the surface world. The scope of the story is only limited by the reader’s imagination.

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    1. You’re totally right, of course, about readers filling in the gaps. I didn’t have underground gnomes in mind, but I love the idea :). Thank you!

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