Star Trekking (Micro Bookends)

‘Carry out another analysis. We want to be certain.’

‘Aye, ma’am.’

The commander closed her eyes while the ship’s sensor scanned the area again.

‘Confirmed. No buildings, only small huts made from fabric, in close proximity.’

The commander shuddered. Intelligence had classified the planet as civilised.

‘And there’s water falling from the sky?’

‘Yes, ma’am. Seems to have increased, according to the sensor. One wouldn’t think it possible.’

The commander sighed.

‘Orders, ma’am?’

‘Send a report. Find a polite way to question their idea of the perfect, quiet place. Looks like we’re not going home yet. The search goes on.’


Written for Micro Bookends 1.42 – Carry [micro] On.


11 thoughts on “Star Trekking (Micro Bookends)

      1. Haha! Along with any sensible human being 🙂 I don’t mean it really – I’m sure Glasto’s amazing, I’m just too old to have to walk two miles to a stage, two miles back at midnight, poo in a bucket over a hole etc etc. Now, give me a nice B & B with ensuite …

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          1. I’m pretty sure I’ve always been too much of a namby pamby wimp to revel in Glasto. Even though I might love many of the acts. I enjoy watching the coverage, though 🙂

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