Not a Fortune Teller

(c) Julian Povey, 2008
(c) Julian Povey, 2008 

She drops the Romanian accent along with her crystal ball and hides in the darkest corner.

‘Get out,’ she spits.

‘Tell me what you saw.’

I know. But I need her to tell me.

‘Six crystal pillars. They spawn these… creatures. From the distance, you’d mistake them for angels.’

‘Tell me what they look like.’

She comes out of hiding, fetches pencil and sketch pad. I close my eyes – the suffocating stench of incense has given me a headache. Or maybe it’s caused by knowing she’s sketching faces from the nightmares.

‘They’re not nightmares. It’s a prophecy.’

As I feared.


I wrote this for week six of Luminous Creatures’ Summer of Super Short Stories. And then forgot to post it before the deadline… d’oh.