Not a Fortune Teller

(c) Julian Povey, 2008
(c) Julian Povey, 2008 

She drops the Romanian accent along with her crystal ball and hides in the darkest corner.

‘Get out,’ she spits.

‘Tell me what you saw.’

I know. But I need her to tell me.

‘Six crystal pillars. They spawn these… creatures. From the distance, you’d mistake them for angels.’

‘Tell me what they look like.’

She comes out of hiding, fetches pencil and sketch pad. I close my eyes – the suffocating stench of incense has given me a headache. Or maybe it’s caused by knowing she’s sketching faces from the nightmares.

‘They’re not nightmares. It’s a prophecy.’

As I feared.


I wrote this for week six of Luminous Creatures’ Summer of Super Short Stories. And then forgot to post it before the deadline… d’oh.

13 thoughts on “Not a Fortune Teller

  1. Ooh, you got me hooked. What a great opening! Really need to know what happens next – you terrible tease.
    Really, Sonya – love this.
    BTW – how’s your submission for Hodder going? Still trying to finish up here. Leaving it a bit late – only a week to go. Ahhh!

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    1. I don’t know what happens next… 😀

      Hodder submissions is still a work in progress. I realised I need a new beginning, so I’m about to engage panic mode…

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      1. Ah, no! Beginnigs are hard. I think mine’s on its third now, and I’m afraid – right or wrong – that’s the one I’m sticking with unless told otherwise by a publishing professional. Just tried printing out my first chapters so I can proof on the page … for the ink cartridge to run out! Grrr.
        Still six more days, still six more days 🙂

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        1. Mine simply doesn’t match the ending I have, and for once, I actually like the ending. The beginning I have is good, too. I’ll have to tweak the characters, then I can use it for a different story.
          The good news about having an ending I like should make writing the synopsis less painful (or so I keep telling myself).
          Yes, six more days…

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          1. I found nothing more painful than the synopsis. Not sure how many times I rewrote. I prefer the version I have now, though – gives a little flavour of the style, a touch of suspense. Six more days for this. But there’s always another oppotunity. That’s what I keep telling myself – preparation for the rejection letter (or rather for not hearing back at all) 🙂

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          2. I use things like that for the kick in the backside I need to get the novel polished and ready to send out to agents… You have to focus on the silver lining, don’t you?

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          3. Absolutely. Even though I was rereading yesterday and having the BIGGEST crisis of confidence – ‘well, that bits too weak, there’s too much in that scene, not enough in that one – and I just don’t have time to do anything about it!’
            Ah, well, at least the synopsis will be done and there are always other publishers and agents for after I’ve done (another) rewrite! 🙂


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