(c) Barbara W. Beacham

Where did they go?

The red bricks against green hill, the brilliant blue of the morning sky catch his attention. While he’s lost in the beauty of his surroundings, he feels content. What a good decision to come here. Life’s good.

The backpack tormenting his shoulders reminds him it isn’t. He hasn’t trekked to the middle of nowhere to admire the scenery. He chooses a spot by the ruins to make the most of the little shade it provides and pitches the tent.

He’ll prove there’s no need for an intervention. Mel will come home with Myra.

If only he knew where they went.


Written for this week’s MFtS.

26 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. Oh no! There’s a backstory about Mel and Myra that you have only hinted at. I’ll just have to make that part up myself.
    You definitely left me wanting more.

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  2. Where did they go, I wonder. Nicely done, and good use of words as I certainly could visualize all of it. Thanks for writing again for the MFtS challenge and be well… ^..^

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