Risky Business


‘Innit? Can you believe how beautiful they are?’

I can’t. I wonder if I’m dreaming.


‘My first thought when I heard about ‘em. Yet here they are.’

We know about them from old folk tales. We didn’t believe in them any more than we did in air-conditioning. Typical Kit, nobody else would risk his life to prove the veracity of a rumour.

We marvel at the trees for a minute but we both know that the sun will fry us if we don’t seek shelter.

‘Kit,’ I say, ‘look at all that shade.’

Kit grins.

‘Wanna risk it?’


Written for Flash Frenzy, round 73, where it came third.

12 thoughts on “Risky Business

  1. Ah, we take it all for granted, don’t we. that lime green light that shines through spring leaves, kicking through drifts of copper leaves in the autumn. Let’s hope trees never become a fable in our life time.

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      1. I sincerely hope so. I think we’ll manage to bump ourselves off through disease or global hunger, so that shouldn’t affect the trees too much. It’s just a shame none of us will be around to see it when the trees take over again – imagine how beautiful the world will look.


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