House Hunting

‘You are joking.’

Matthias smiles.

‘It’s a church.’

‘Therein lies the genius. Nobody will suspect the likes of us to seek sanctuary here.’

His smile widens. I bury my face in hands. He has a point, as usual. I love him to bits. Without his kindness, I wouldn’t have survived the first nights. But sometimes, his ancient weirdness bothers me. As does the idea of moving into a church.

‘And it’s disused – nobody to ask us in.’

His smile splits his face.

‘I’ll invite you,’ he says. ‘It comes with a spacious crypt.’

‘It’s your old church? Now that’s creepy.’


I’ve decided to give Mesh a go. Not sure I like the way it crops the photos, though. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “House Hunting

    1. I am not allowed to write vampire stories. Because if I were, I’d write nothing else. But the photo prompt together with the boarded-up church down the road meant that I made an exception – on the condition that I kept it strictly domestic.

      I have a whole Scrivener project full of notes for a vampire doctor, though. I might add those two to it… Maybe in ten years or so, when everybody has forgotten about the sparkly vampires, I may allow myself to write the story 🙂

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      1. Hmm, I know what you mean. They’re such great, mythic creatures – and so done to death, especially by the soppy teen market. Give me proper, throat ripping, vicious vampire gits any day 🙂 More ‘Let the right one in’ than Twilight. A vampire doctor sounds good – I had an idea for a vampire nurse in the trenches of WWI. We’ll have to team them up 🙂

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          1. No! Really? There’s just something about wars that seems so appropriate for vampires. In a time of chaos like that, who would notice a little more.
            I always think of WWII, the time of the Blitz Spirit, Britain’s finest hour … When the murder rate went through the roof. Blackouts, shortages, a feeling each day might be your last – it’s almost inevitable, isn’t it?
            If we got our characters together, we could always have a ‘their eyes met across a crowded trench’ moment 🙂


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