Unexpected Consequences

(c) Dave McLear
CC 2.0 photo by Dave McLear

Abi studied her brother’s face. She couldn’t take a picture; Mum made her hand over her phone when she visited – the explanation went that she wasn’t supposed to use it in the hospital.

Mum had also said she didn’t want photos of Carl looking like this on the Internet, taking Carl’s side again. Abi hadn’t wanted to post pictures; she’d wanted one for the expression.

Since the accident, Mum barely paid attention to her. Abi hadn’t foreseen this. She needed a better plan. She wanted Mum to find her motionless, with a face like Carl’s.

Then she’d have Mum’s attention.

(written for Warmup Wednesday 29)


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Consequences

  1. Ah, the desperate quest for attention from loved ones…I think we’ve all been there at some point.

    On a technical note, did you mean to write ‘Mum barely paid attention to her’ in your second last paragraph?

    Liked by 1 person

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