‘Balloon Lady’

an innocent-looking but sinister balloon lady
photo from pixabay.com

A year ago, their old balloon lady disappeared. They didn’t like her, but couldn’t imagine the fair without balloons? They needed her.

She put on weight for a soft, mumsy look she hates – she’ll do anything for the job. If she has to joke with the stall owners in the morning before they open up, so be it. She’s become part of the fair.

It’s been a year; they’ve returned to the target city. One more time, she’ll fill her balloons – with a poison that, once activated, will suffocate anyone within miles.

Time for this ‘balloon lady’ to disappear, too.


No, I can’t explain why my brain went WMDs when I looked at this week’s FFfAW photo prompt. But there you go, kids – don’t trust the balloon lady…