The (short-lived) Hiking in the Woods Project

Thunderstorm over, we crawl out of our tents. Everyone but Josh.

hiking boots, forest, horror story
(c) Dawn M. Miller

‘Hey, aren’t those Josh’s hiking boots?’ one of us whispers. There they are, abandoned in the middle of the road.

We gather around his tent, calling for him to show himself. No reaction.

‘We have to check if he’s okay.’

Tent’s empty.

‘Where could he have gone? During a thunderstorm, without his boots?’

The questions echo through the woods. We shudder.

‘Do you see blood? I think I see blood.’

We see blood.

‘Pack up, everyone. Trip’s over.’

It’s all gone a bit too Blair Witch for our liking.


What a mysterious prompt for FFfAW this week – I’m hoping for many spooky stories.

42 thoughts on “The (short-lived) Hiking in the Woods Project

  1. Great story with a wonderful “creepy” factor. Poor Josh! I hope they find him before they take off. I loved the ending, “It’s all gone a bit to Blair Witch for our liking.” Thank you for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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  2. I love the creepy essence of this. And then this line: ‘Pack up, everyone. Trip’s over.’ LOL! That’s horrible. With friends like these, who needs enemies, right? Can you imagine if he’s pranking them, watching from above to see how they’ll react? This would be a rude awakening. Lol, smh.

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    1. Oooh, and filming them, too, and he’ll never let them forget it. So, maybe Josh isn’t dead, maybe he is pranking them… Thanks, Izzy, I like that a lot!

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  3. ‘All a bit Blair Witch’ – a phrase I use myself! Last used whilst watching True Detective – definitely a bit Blair Witch there.
    I felt a bit sorry for Josh too at first, but then, I figured out what happened.
    Josh hears a noise in the night, beyond the crashing of the thunder. Something unearthly, something inexplicable and bestial. Despite the pouring rain, curiosity drives him to unzip his tent, crawl outside, follow the noise … where he’s promptly eaten by whatever psychopath / zombie / vampire / ravening hell beast was luring outside.
    Has Josh never watched a horror film? Never seen a stalk-and-slash where the numpty in the group says ‘what’s that scary noise coming from the deep dark wood? I know, I’ll go and investigate.’
    Trust me – Josh was asking for it.

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  4. Wonderful mystery. So many questions…where is he, why the blood, did anyone hear anything, and what is their next step in getting the mystery solved. I can see a continuation on this one.:)

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  5. Great reference to the Blair Witch Project, Sonya. Somehing’s going on in ‘them thar woods’! Not sure I like the idea of leaving without Josh, but I appreciate the need to get out of there… quick!

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