Musings of a Prankster

Josh is annoyed with his friends. They didn’t bother with his tent but took his hiking boots. He’s wearing flip-flops – walking through the wet forest to the road in them won’t be fun, he imagines.

Josh stood on the bridge the entire time, filming the increasing panic. If one of them had looked up, they would now be making dinner together, laughing about his prank. Someone would tell Josh off for it… Business as usual.

Josh wonders if they’d abandon Heather like this, or Mikey.

Josh wonders if he’s made an unnerving discovery.

Josh wonders if the joke’s on him.


Thank you, Izzy, for inspiring Josh’s unexpected survival.


8 thoughts on “Musings of a Prankster

  1. One of the rare cases where the sequel is even better than the original. It’s a clever twist on the first story to have Josh simply be playing a prank, but the way he discovers that his “friends” would just give up and run away rather than looking for him is really poignant. You took an idea that could have just been a funny joke and made it much more.

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