Read a Lot

cemetery, writing horror
(c) Barbara W. Beacham

The cemetery spread along the area known as Devils Abode. It had been a burial ground for as long as man had settled in these parts, but only recently had they begun burying people there again.”

‘How is it?’

Rebecca put down the manuscript. Julie had negotiated an excellent deal for the world rights of their surprise bestseller earlier and Rebecca didn’t want to put a damper to her boss’s triumphant mood.

‘Rubbish, isn’t it? I know it’s rubbish, Bec.’

‘Dry, droning, derivative drivel. Has he never heard of Pet Sematary?’

‘He hasn’t. He doesn’t read. I told him he must read. Does he listen to his literary agent sister?’


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22 thoughts on “Read a Lot

  1. I watched Pet Sematary which is based on king’s novel of same, name many years ago. Though not a great film it did terrify me then.

    Have a great week Sonya.

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Tessa!
      I think horror is the most scary when it takes what we love most and turns it into terrifying monsters… Pet Sematary scared me, too.


  2. Ah. Would that we all had a literary agent sibling.
    Oh, I love kids in a creepy story. There’s NOTHING more sinister than a small child – Turn of the Screw, The Woman in Black etc. Been a bit overdone, though.
    I’m not sure anyone could credibly write a horror based around a pet cemetary now. Maybe chicklit – ‘their eyes met over an open grave’?

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    1. Ha ha, I want to see that! I don’t think this guy is going to have much luck getting published, though – he’s just not good enough and he’s not listening to his big sis…

      Yep, I like a sinister child, too. One of the scariest things in 1984 are the children spying on their parents… But yes, overdone.


      1. Silly boy – always listen to your big sis!
        Oh, yes, the children in 1984 – I forgot about them. I read One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore, set in Stalin’s Moscow and based loosely on a real story. The paranoia and the way the children are manipulated into betraying their friends and family is absolutely terrifying. The children aren’t sinister, though – just tragic.

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  3. Reading is pretty much a prerequisite of writing 🙂 Nice take on the prompt.
    I’ve never read/watched Pet Semetary but if it’s about kids and pets I probably won’t want to!

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    1. Yes. I am always lost for words when I come across a wannabe writer who doesn’t read… I read Pet Sematary yonks ago and even then, when I was a lot less squeamish about pets and children, it terrified me.

      Thanks 🙂

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