Mabel’s Return

steam locomotive, murder mystery
(c) Louise from The Storyteller’s Abode 

I keep a framed photograph on the mantle of an old friend. Mabel looks like she came to the platform to wave someone goodbye. She was never seen again. People liked to believe she decided, on a whim, to board a train and disappear.

I never believed she’d left. She’d been anticipating the day when her Harry would ask for her hand. Mabel had her mind set on settling down, not setting off.

So when they renovate the old railway station and my granddaughter calls with news they discovered bones there, I know the waiting is over. They found Mabel.


Two prompts, one story: this week’s FFfAW picture and the first September Story a Day prompt.

34 thoughts on “Mabel’s Return

  1. This is amazing. Simple fantastic. The best line is the one I didn’t expect: “Mabel had her mind set on settling down, not setting off.” That’s beautifully crafted!

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  2. Chris and Madeeha pointed out my favorite lines. This piece is tragically smooth. Maybe no one else believed her concerns about Mabel, but she knew it all along. Still, the waiting (and probably the fleets of mangled hope) is over. They can both rest in peace now.

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  3. I wonder what happened to poor Mabel? At least the narrator’s long wait is now over, even if they’ll likely never find out who killed her. A very moving story, Sonya. Well done. 🙂

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  4. So sad that she waited so long to find out that Mable really didn’t leave, but she will always have questions as to what exactly happened to her and probably will never get an answer on that. She sounds like a very loyal friend. Very good read. 🙂

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