Album Art

My brain’s gone mushy, I don’t remember his face. The photo he called album art’s no help.

I remember this: He neither took off his leather jacket nor put down his bass guitar until a girl gave him a reason. He loved playing the rockstar.

His act, I thought, was only that – an act. The right woman, meaning I, would tame him. But he grew bored, picked up the bass and the jacket and vanished. All I’ve left is the album art and the bump.

I wonder if the baby will look like him. I hope so. That’ll remind me.

(first published on Visual Verse where you’ll find the album art)

5 thoughts on “Album Art

  1. Ah! Don’t we all think we can change people? And people only change if they want to. A lovely, succinct summing up of a relationship – start to end … and a new start 🙂
    Great story

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          1. Hell no! There are many, many things you just have to learn for yourelf – no amount of advice from parents etc will make any difference. A painful lesson – but at least I HAVE learnt it 🙂


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