How to Make it Through the Funeral

HIghgate Cemetery, old graves
(c) Sonya, 2012

Remember to

– Eat breakfast even if you don’t feel like eating because of the stress; you’ll need the energy for later.

– Dress the way they expect you to: knee-length skirt, no cleavage, flat shoes; BLACK!

– Call taxi at last minute; make ‘em wait, they won’t start without you.

– Take an umbrella, you don’t want to ruin your make-up.

– Stay away from Peter!!!!! For obvious reasons.

– Wail with grief (you’re supposed to be devastated!!!).

– Excuse yourself early. Mention exhaustion if necessary. Turn down any offers of lifts.

– Tell taxi driver to wait. Run in, change, grab bags, meet Peter at airport.

14 thoughts on “How to Make it Through the Funeral

  1. Haha! You can almost see this happening sometimes – not everyone is sorely missed and some widows positivley skip to the chapel of rest / to the grave side. Let’s hope Peter’s as keen. Great story, Sonya 🙂

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