NEW: SvelteSocialSelf – For Immediate Release

You’re invited to a fantastic bash but your glad rags don’t fit anymore. If only you still had your eighteen year-old self’s figure. Sound familiar?

SvelteSocialSelf Reprod&Storage will give you that self back. SvelteSocialSelf(TM)* is the new old you – grown in a matter of weeks and stored for up to a year (longer storage plans available), SvelteSocialSelf(TM) will copy and learn your mannerisms, turns of phrase and sense of humour through interaction with you. Let SvelteSocialSelf(TM) dazzle the party – you will receive a full report or the night afterwards.

Call SvelteSocialSelf(TM) today and transform your social life.

*patent pending


If you’re wondering how this one came about, it’s been inspired by the tweet below. And then my twisted mind went a bit Never Let Me Go on it, but not without adding its own twist. Can you tell I’m enjoying the revamped version of Writing 101?

3 thoughts on “NEW: SvelteSocialSelf – For Immediate Release

  1. Haha! Love how your mind twists.
    And what a brilliant idea – wish I had another version of me I could send into awkward social situations (family parties, drinks with parents from school, Christmas!) Problem is, though I’d send her to eveything and the real me would never leave the house.
    Soon Real Me would put on ten stone and not resemble New Me and when the police come to break down the door (from the smell of festering takeaway containers-I’ve become agoraphobic by not being forced to interract with mankind) no one will recognise Real Me because I’ll have changed so much. Real Me will be carted off screaming to the local mental health unit, leaving New Me to live my life.
    Hmmm. Maybe I won’t be signing up anytime soon.

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    1. Nope, I wouldn’t, even though Antisocial might as well be my middle name. But I’ve got the feeling this might turn into something longer…

      Thank you, Lynn 🙂

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