Recurring Nightmare

Playground she went to with Jim when they investigated that murder in Alfred Place. Swings, slide, climbing frame – all massive. Kids clustered around the benches, passing a bottle around.

swings, nightmareCard them? But I’m a DCI. And they are so big.

Smash goes the bottle. Broken glass everywhere. Hazard for little children – ones her size. Her sister’s always going on about how they should keep teenagers and drunks out of children’s playing areas at night. As if they didn’t have real work to do after dark.

Intervene! Make them clean up!

Seven kids, the smallest twice her size.

She feels powerless.

8 thoughts on “Recurring Nightmare

  1. Atmospheric, Sonya- filled with threat. Threat for a little girl, threat from the big kids smashing bottles. And what about the murder investigation? Everywhere, danger. Intriguing stuff.
    On a side note, did you read the Hodderscape website? They’re going to start replying from the 30th, hoping to finish replies by the end of October. They’re replying in the order the entries were logged, so as I didn’t submit until three days before cutoff (!) I don’t expect to hear until the end of October. They had 1,445 entries! That’s a lot. Ah, well. At least I now have a reasonable submission package – and a first rejection from a publisher is a badge of honour for an author, right? Best of luck to you 🙂

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    1. Blimey, that’s a lot of submissions… I haven’t seen the website, no, so thanks for the update. I think I sent mine a day before the deadline, so I’ll be hearing from them even later than you… Best of luck to you, too 🙂

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      1. Well, I’m sure our submissions will shine like diamonds from the rough slag of dross others have sent in – hopefully 🙂 Did I mention I’ve already drafted a blog post about my first publisher rejection? I think I’ve used it as therapy to prepare for when the time comes …

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          1. How nice it was lovely – all the ones I’ve had so far have been stock. ‘ We’re so sorry you weren’t successful this time …’ Was it a woman’s mag? That’s a market that seems tricky to get into. I’m trying to write a serial for a People’s Friend competition at the moment – not my usual style but actually really good fun 🙂 And I thought, at least if I get anywhere with them, P F publish A LOT of fiction. Will see if I can get it up to scratch in time.

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          2. Nope, it was for a literary magazine. Apparently, my story split opinions – half of them loved it, the other half hated it. But I guess that’s better than a collective shrug.
            I’ve never looked into woman’s mags. I seem to think that they pay quite well, though… Well, fingers crossed you get it done in time and then win, of course 🙂

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          3. Well done for getting such a positive response -and that does sound positive to me. Is there anywhere else you could send it to? Sounds too good to sit on your hard drive 🙂
            I’ve failed utterly every time I’ve sent stuff to publications or comps with a literary betm – I just don’t seem to be on the right wave length, some how. I think I’m too mainstream, too predictable with my plotting.
            Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get the PF thing done in time, thanks for your good wishes. Whether it’ll be good enough to win is another matter entirely 🙂


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