Climate Change Denier

sailboat with house in the background
(c) Louise, The Storyteller’s Abode for FFfAW this week

‘Look, mummy, more boats leaving.’

‘That’s nice, dear.’

‘Don’t bother, Pheebs. It’s pointless. Have you packed your crap?’

‘Language, Willow.’

‘Yeah, because that’s going to matter, ladylike language. Phoebe and I’ll leave today, Mum. You coming?’

‘How many times, Willow, there’s no need. We will not be going anywhere.’

‘But the water has risen all week, mummy. Look, I’ve taken notes. Look!’

‘That’s nice, dear. Anyone for a cup of tea?’

‘What are we going to do with her, Willow?’

‘Nothing we can do. She’s free to stay, but I won’t let her kill us with her denial. Bye, Mum.’

20 thoughts on “Climate Change Denier

  1. Oh no! They are getting flooded and their mother is denying it. I hope they will be able to save her too. Great story Sonya. I kind of feel badly for the mother. Thank you for participating in FFfAW Challenge!

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  2. I think that climate change denier mum is in the same generation as those older folks who choose to wait out a hurricane. Maybe that denial comes from the fear of leaving behind everything they have and have built in their lives. Great story!

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  3. Oh no they’re leaving their Mom behind. I feel kind of bad since I am a Mom myself but probably would be drinking coffee or something stronger instead of tea. Very interesting take on the prompt. Climate change and the waters are rising. And poor Mom is a climate change denier.

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  4. Interesting story. Was the water really rising so fast or was the older daughter just worrying too much about something that is many years away. ?


  5. I hope they’re just bluffing at the end and it will change Mom’s decision. This is very timely for those of us in California, as several people refused to evacuate their homes during the recent fires, with deadly consequences — I bet there were a lot of similar conversations happening then.


  6. It’s an allegory of how many of us react to climate change – ‘what, the seas are rising? Then we’ll end up with a beach side property and that’ll put thousands on the value of the house’ ‘the earth’s warming by a few degrees? Great, we’ll have better summers then.’
    Only when the water’s up to our knees will we realise it’s truly a problem.
    Ooh, went a bit dark there – you and your distopian visions!


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