Help: What am I going to write in October?

Here’s the thing: I’ll be busy next month with holidaying and moving (again!), so I have to plan what I’m going to do to keep my lovely readers entertained.

Would you like a say? Yes? Well, you’re in luck, I’d love to hear what you want to read. Take the poll and/or leave a comment.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Help: What am I going to write in October?

    1. Well, I’m not at all surprised that the serial is in the lead. The Girl Who Lived was quite a success, I think I had the most pageviews that month… The difficult thing is to chop a story up into 100-word chunks that make sense on their own and in the wider context of the overall story. But I’ve got a week, that should be enough to sort it all out.

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      1. I’d find it a tough call. After posting what was supposed to be post one in serial a few weeks ago that’s been it – I dried up completely. I don’t know how you do it. Channelling Mr Dickens, perhaps 🙂


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