Top 3 Stories – September 2015

Is it October yet? Why, yes, it is.

That means I have to choose my favourite three September stories. I knew what my no. 1 would be when I published it because I think it’s by far the best thing I’ve written in yonks; the rest of the list was much harder.

Did I miss your favourite? Are you excited about the 2015/16 NHL season? Let me know!



7 thoughts on “Top 3 Stories – September 2015

  1. Oh, I loved Bertha. She was definitely my favourite. I want a Bertha in my loft. She could sing to me while I write and we could leave each other notes, saying how our day has been. And she could keep and eye on he house when we go away – a Watchghost. Hmm. Like that idea 🙂

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  2. hi Sonya, just done your poll but still not read enough here for oferign specific answwers and from what i’ve seen before any of those would be good to read, i like a mixture and short stuff is good to make a break from longer reading. you seem to have really good structure here and any of those ideas you’re asking about seem to fit. Only just worked out that NHL is hockey league but can’t comment on that either – we do have an ice stadium and an icehockey team in my home city but I can’t afford to go and don’t follow it.

    Anyway, i just made soemthing of our group poem but I split your one verse and made two verses of it and the title word from one of just two words/phrase left out of the finished poem. So you’re credited for two verses (1 and 3) and the title. I hope you don’t mind – I’ll be publishing in about an hour after my dinner and will drop you a link in the commons 🙂

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