If you cut us, do we not wilt?

white and purple daisies, 100 words about tolerance
(c) 2015, Sonya

‘Stay away from them, seedlings.’


‘They are purple.’

‘We like purple. We like red, too.’

‘Thank the bees there are no red ones around. They’re nothing but trouble.’

‘But don’t they look like us, almost?’

‘What? Their petals are slimmer than ours. Their pollen is darker with this dirty brown circle on the outer edge. And they grow over there.’

‘Isn’t that just an accident of seeding?’

‘We have nothing in common. Nothing. They don’t look like us.’

‘Wouldn’t it be boring if we all looked the same? We like colour.’

‘That’s enough carbon dioxide wasted. Back to photosynthesising.’

5 thoughts on “If you cut us, do we not wilt?

    1. Good, that’s what I wanted… Thank you, Samantha 🙂

      I spend so much time in playgrounds watching little children. They don’t care what other kids look like or if they even speak the same language. All they care about is: “Do you wanna play with me?” I wish we’d keep it that way…


      1. Be a good experiment if we put the kids on an island and see what happens as they grow. I know, I know, parents aren’t going for that!! We did all read Lord of the Flies


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