The Anthropologist’s Wish

If a fairy came along to grant him one wish, he’d ask for one hour of peace. Just one hour, all over the world. He’d tell her to stagger it, to make it three to four in the afternoon in every timezone. He’d go online to observe how an hour of peace, an hour without any person killing another would play out, again and again, going west with the sun.

sunset, one wish, 100 words about peaceHe harbours hopes that one peaceful hour would have an impact on mankind. Truth be told, he doesn’t think it likely.

But it would make for an illuminating social experiment.

18 thoughts on “The Anthropologist’s Wish

  1. Loved your take on the prompt, a really unique way of taking the prompt while having a powerful message. Maria x


    1. I like the idea, too. Could probably be extended into a novella, at least… I have to stop having ideas that go way beyond one hundred words 😀

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      1. Don’t knock it. Being inspired is what some people struggle at. Your problem is having the time to write up all of the ideas you have 🙂
        I think I have around five or six novel ideas I think would work really well, but I don’t have (or don’t make) the time to write them up. There’s blogging and writing short stories and working and household stuff and watching series five of The Walking Dead on blue ray … How could I possibly write six books with all that going on? 🙂
        My problem is, I’m having a go at writing a range of stuff – I just need someone to come along and write me up a game plan. ‘You’re best to do this’, then I’d stick with it. I’m just too indecisive to make the choice.

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        1. I suppose you’re right, it’s a nice problem to have. I think I’d happily settle for short fiction if there were any chance I’d ever make a couple of grand from it. Not that novel writing is a get rich quick scheme, but there’s a least a somewhat realistic chance you’ll earn enough for a family holiday a year…

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          1. Quite right. Yes, even though novel writing isn’t the most profitable way to earn a living, we’re still more likely to make money if we publish a novel rather than short stories. I do like writing novels, though – if only I was a whizz at plotting, I’d be happy as Larry to write them and nothing else. Well, if I got a six figure contract and a movie deal too, of course … 🙂

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          2. I’m dreaming of a movie deal. And a line of merchandise to go with it – a bit like Star Wars. What, they are dreams, I can go as big as I want… 😀

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          3. I don’t see why a movie deal should be out of the question – all the big film companies are lookng for the next big franchise, so why shouldn’t you be the one to supply it? When it happens, though I think you should walk away and leave them to it – don’t watch your baby be rewritten by movie moguls 🙂

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