haiku (and poll results)

Sitting on the swing

Squinting at the laptop screen

She makes up stories

The poll results are in, and to be honest, I’m surprised. The serial didn’t win. It’s a tie between ‘don’t change a thing!’ and ‘don’t mind six-word stories, three-line microfiction and the occasional poem’, with a few other votes for ‘all of the above’ (to the person who said s/he wasn’t particularly lovely: you read my stuff and you bothered to vote, you’re lovely in my eyes).

Thank you to all who voted!

So this is what’s going to happen this week: you’ll get business as usual with the occasional poem thrown in because fool that I am, I’ve signed up for Writing 201 Poetry. It’s an experiment, we’ll see how it goes. I may still get round to writing my dystopian romcom, in which case there may be a serial soon.

I’m on the way out, but I promise there’ll be a 100-word story later.

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  1. Wow you managed to squeeze all three prompts into the haiku 🙂 Brilliant! well done 🙂 I’ll drop by and catch your story later too – but careful swinging with that laptop 🙂 Really fantastic response Sonya 🙂

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