The Theatre of Love

Smiling like a new moon, eyes sparkling like stars, she refuses to speak her lines and

Turns away from him. Away from the argument. She’s never turned away from an argument. She makes the move so fluidly it looks like she’s rehearsed it.

An eternity of three seconds later, while her scent lingers, she’s exited stage right and he knows, in his bones, she will not come back, not even for a curtain call.

100 words about the end of a relationship
(c) Etol Bagam

Gifts left behind like props that have served their purpose, aided her performance – perfume, scarves, diamond earrings –

Everything he did, discarded, unwanted.

Discarded, unwanted like him.


Is it a story? Is it a poem? Does it matter? Do you like it?

38 thoughts on “The Theatre of Love

  1. Aw, he never expected her to play out a different kind of ending (an ending she scripted on her own without his knowledge for whatever reason). There are so many questions left unanswered, but sadly, life can be like that. Good job!

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  2. I enjoyed how what was perceived as acting, was in reality taking place. Sad, that he was actually hurt. But she must have had her reasons for leaving.

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  3. I love it Sonya. The first time I read it I almost thought she was in a play (kinda sorta) and the second time I read it I realized she was leaving him and it was real life. She seems so “cold.” Excellent story and so well done! Thank you again for participating in FFfAW challenge!

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  4. I really enjoyed your approach with this 🙂 caught the brief moment and it moves beautifully, so much woven through your poem’s story. It has a lovely rhythm It’s wonderful, well done 🙂

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  5. I really like this, Sonya! I wanted to pick out a line that I particularly liked but I just couldn’t choose – beautifully poetic language throughout. 🙂 Very cleverly done.

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  6. What a wonderful take on the prompt! Even in our intimate moments, we are re-enacting classic scenes from past plays, from our own past, changing our characters, rethinking out motivation, discarding the props we used to use. Refusing to speak her lines–I love it!


  7. I think she had reached her boiling point, no need arguing over a pot that’s already overflowing. Poetry, prose,story- I think it’s a bit of all and nonetheless, I loved it.


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