An Ode to Ambling

The road to nowhere is paved with good advice from people who don’t understand the joys of losing yourself: To get anywhere, go with your arrival in mind. A target to shoot for. A destination. A to B.

But leaving doesn’t have to mean arriving; meandering, strolling, wandering leads to discovering paths and buildings and histories you never knew existed, you’d never have found if you didn’t let yourself drift.

Leave the map behind and follow your fancy. Leave breadcrumbs to signpost the way back.

Because I want to hear all about your journey to nowhere in particular and everywhere.


Ahem. Is it an ode when you call it one? It’s an ode in essence but maybe not in form but since we all agreed I shouldn’t rhyme yesterday, it’s better this way.

7 thoughts on “An Ode to Ambling

  1. This is a fantastic philosophy. I really like it, more and more I feel the need not to rush, to not arrive, but just to enjoy wherever I am. The future is the biggest illusion of the mind – right, and surely destination is part of future? Looking back most of the exciting, interesting things in life happened when I was embracing the journey, the moment, not thinking about the destination.

    Great stuff.


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