The Secret Door

100 words about a secret door
(c) 2015, Sonya

You lean against the wall because you’re only halfway home and exhausted from schlepping the shopping uphill. The world ripples. You get that dreamy falling sensation. You steady yourself. Your bags are gone. You’re not leaning against the wall anymore.

What is this place? Starry sky. Quiet. You inhale air that seems clean, free from exhaust fumes and the stench of old frying oil. Frightening as the sudden change of surroundings should be, you feel more tranquil than usual.

Another ripple and you’re back with your shopping. You search the wall for the door because you prefer the quiet world.


5 thoughts on “The Secret Door

  1. Ah, who doesn’t love a magic door? Best bit about The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe – the wardrobe, that is. I’ve often wished for a bit of magic on the way home from the shops, but a Star Trek style transporter that will take me and a week’s worth of shopping straight home.
    Lovely idea, Sonya.


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