Wrong Side of Jack

‘If I’m brutally honest, I came out of mercy,’ she mumbles over her burger. ‘You work hard. You deserve to go further. I thought, well, I’m the boss’s daughter, being seen with me might help you in the long run.’

100 words about a serial killer; murder ballad
(c) 2015, Sonya

Her cursed words douse Jack’s ardour. But within minutes another fire burns in his heart. His hunger returns. He murmurs soft words to flatter her, to lure her to his lair.

He’d promised himself he wouldn’t do it again. He didn’t plan on hurting her, but if he’s brutally honest, torturing him with those words, she deserves being torn asunder.


2 thoughts on “Wrong Side of Jack

  1. Whoa! That’s the kind of date you could do without. And, yes she doesn’t sound like a charmer, but … You are drawn to the dark side – though that’s no criticism!
    BTW you heard from Hodder yet? Nothiing here, though I guess it’s a bit early.


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