I Miss the Days

I miss the days when I neither knew nor cared what my food contained.

100 words about food; elegyI dream of pizza or pasta and a Becks

or a burrito and an ice-cold Corona.

Sushi’s fine as long as I bring my special soy sauce.

I once loved sashimi and nigiris and makis and edamame beans

But it’s all I eat when I eat out and I’m so bored with raw fish.

I crave peanut butter and apricot jam on toasted wholegrain bread as a comfort on bad days

and lemon drizzle cake most days.

I miss the days before I was diagnosed coeliac.

5 thoughts on “I Miss the Days

    1. Thank you! Luckily, it’s not my own experience, but I have friends who are seriously gluten-intolerant, so I’ve taken some poetic licence with what I know from them.

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  1. I was diagnosed coeliac about seven years ago and NEVER cheat. i don’t think you can if you’re coeliac as the last time I accidentally ate cake made from wheat I was sick for three hours straight. And gluten disturbs my stomach lining which means I can’t absorb vitamins for months after – hence the fact I have thin bones and am on calcium supplements for the rest of my life.
    Don’t bother being coeliac, it’s a pain in the hole.
    Sorry, Sonya your great piece has struck a chord 🙂
    If your friend comes to Bristol, though, may I recommend she go to a Thali Cafe (North Street in Southville, Clifton and a few other places.) Their food is amazing and I’ve never had a problem with any of it. I’m veggie too, so a right pain to feed 🙂


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